Mods For Bethesda Games Not Coming To PS4

The announced and since delayed PS4 mod support for Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition has been cancelled. Well at least for now it would seem. Bethesda issued a statement earlier today stating that Sony would not approve the mods “the way they should work.” Check out the full statement below: Continue reading “Mods For Bethesda Games Not Coming To PS4”

No Man’s Sky: Sony is Issuing Refunds

No Man’s Sky delivered on many of its promises. The game has a seemingly endless number of planets to discover and explore. Many early adopters however were struck with buyers remorse as they noticed the game was quite different at retail than what was shown to them. That coupled with numerous and sometimes game breaking glitches have prompted many retailers to issue refunds to disappointed customers. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Sony is Issuing Refunds”