Final Fantasy XV/Cup Noodle collaboration continues with Cup Noodle XV

CUP NOODLE XV サイトイメージ.jpg

If you have already put some time into Final Fantasy XV then you have most likely already noticed that Cup Noodle is a part of the game’s world from billboards to the product itself. Square Enix and Nissin have taken this new partnership a step further with what is now known as Cup Noodle XV. With Cup Noodle XV, the current t.v. spot for Final Fantasy XV has been edited to now include Cup Noodle in key scenes from the game. Check out Cup Noodle XV below:

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Good News: Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold

FINALLY!!! After 10 years in development (I mean that literally boys and girls) Final Fantasy XV is finished and will be in our homes on November 29th. To celebrate, Square Enix has released a new trailer called Final Fantasy XV: Omen made by the same talent behind Kingsglaive.

Final Fantasy XV: Omen

Square Enix also released new details regarding the game’s season pass which will cost $24.99. The season pass will first deliver three new episodes that take place during the events of the main game and will focus on Noctis’ companions. Continue reading “Good News: Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold”