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A brand new console generation is almost upon us and Sony has been distributing information on what the system can do very sparingly until recently. Other details such as pricing, launch line-up and what the console looks like are yet to be revealed.

In this guide, we will compile all of the actual info that has been released for the console and it will be updated as Sony shells out additional details. Closer to the PS5‘s launch we will have a complete buyers guide that will include games, accessories and if applicable which edition is right for you.

Specs Education

Sony planned to reveal the specs behind the PS5 at an address to be given at Game Developers Conference (GDC). Since GDC was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the address was posted to YouTube. The presentation was given by Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for PS5. You should remember him for doing a similar presentation for the PS4. The system itself was not shown and the entire thing was designed to let developers and interested fans know what is under the hood of the next-gen PlayStation. You can watch the full video below:

PlayStation 5 Specs at a glace (courtesy of the PlayStation Blog):

Next-Gen Console
Ray Tracing

The DualSense Controller

For the first time since Sony took the original PlayStation controller and added analog sticks, rumble motors, and renamed it the DualShock we are seeing a fully new design for a PlayStation controller. Sure the DualShock 4 added new features like the Share Button and the Touchpad, but the overall design was largely unchanged since the PS1. Now, this has not been a bad thing but it is nice to see a fresh look for the PS5.

The new controller is called the DualSense and as you can see from the pictures, the layout of the sticks, buttons and the touchpad remain the same as to not put a long time PlayStation fan into a state of shock. Aside from the general shape change, the biggest difference in the DualSense that has been revealed so far is that the rumble feature has been scrapped in favor of Haptic Feedback. The Share Button has also been replaced with the Create Button. Son has promised to reveal more about what can be done with it closer to launch. Another new addition to the controller is a built in microphone.

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