PlayStation VR Launch Review Part 1

When the tech world started to fully embrace VR just a few short years ago I couldn’t bring myself to care. I have not been one for trends and have been let down by console peripherals on more than one occasion. I had no intentions on picking up Project Morpheus (now PlayStation VR) when it was first announced and I even deliberately skipped out on testing the headset at several industry events. I finally caved at E3 2015 and decided to see what the PS4’s VR add on could do. I sat down and tested out Rigs, a title I had not heard of at the time. Needless to say after playing it again several times, I preordered a launch bundle as soon as it was possible to do so. Now that the PlayStation VR is finally available and I have had a few days to put that preordered bundle to the test, here are my thoughts on the PSVR itself and some of the games I picked up at launch.

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“Fated: The Silent Oath” Receives a Price Drop for PlayStation VR Launch

PlayStation VR‘s launch is just around the corner with what seems to be a solid line-up of day one titles. Norse-themed FATED: The Silent Oath which is already available for other VR platforms, has been announced for a lower price point of $9.99 for all platforms including the upcoming PS VR.

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Oasis Games Announces Their PlayStation VR Launch Line Up

Oasis Games has announced several titles that will accompany the launch of the upcoming PlayStation VR. One of the titles, Ace Banana, will be available on the PS VR‘s launch date October 13 while the other titles will be released in the weeks following the launch.

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