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HITMAN 3 – VR: Becoming the Hitman (Developer Diary)

IO Interactive released a new video covering their PlayStation Exclusive VR mode for Hitman III. This third installment in the World of Assassination series. The developers go over features such as gesture-based attacks (which most likely require a PS Move), … Continue reading HITMAN 3 – VR: Becoming the Hitman (Developer Diary)

PlayStation VR Launch Review Part 1

When the tech world started to fully embrace VR just a few short years ago I couldn’t bring myself to care. I have not been one for trends and have been let down by console peripherals on more than one occasion. I had no intentions on picking up Project Morpheus (now PlayStation VR) when it was first announced and I even deliberately skipped out on testing the headset at several industry events. I finally caved at E3 2015 and decided to see what the PS4’s VR add on could do. I sat down and tested out Rigs, a title I had not heard of at the time. Needless to say after playing it again several times, I preordered a launch bundle as soon as it was possible to do so. Now that the PlayStation VR is finally available and I have had a few days to put that preordered bundle to the test, here are my thoughts on the PSVR itself and some of the games I picked up at launch.

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