Destruction All-Stars moved to 2021 as a PS Plus Title.

According to PlayStation Blog, Lucid Game‘s Destruction All-Stars has been moved from the PS5 Launch of November 12th to February. The developer consists of Bizarre Creation’s Alumni and have made games such as Geometry Wars 3 and helped with game such as EA’s Need For Speed: Payback.

It will also be available on PlayStation Plus as long as you have a subscription. Unlike most games that are part of the PS Plus Instant Game Collection being up for a month, the game will be available for two months.

In the following weeks, more news about the game and the release will be soon be revealed. I think this is a great move due to launch systems that’ll probably be in short supply. A healthy install base is key for a multiplayer game and should help Destruction All-Stars not get lost in the shuffle during the holiday season.

I was initially pretty mum about the game, but I’ll at least try it. The price of a monthly subscription seems a bit safer than 70 dollars.

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