This Week in PlayStation News

This week was a big week for PlayStation fans. Let’s dive in.

The PlayStation 5 Release Date & Price

In response to Microsoft revealing the release date and prices for the Xbox Series X and Series S, Sony held a PlayStation 5 Showcase earlier this week. After some major game reveals and gameplay for some previously announced titles, the show concluded with the release date and pricing for the PS5.

The PlayStation 5 will hit stores in North America and several other countries on November 12, 2020. The console will retail for $499 for the standard edition and $399 for the digital edition. Check out the entire showcase below. Keep in mind that the showcase was streamed in 1080p 30fps for stability and 4K trailers for each of these games have been uploaded since then.

Final Fantasy XVI Confirmed as a PS5 Console Exclusive

This week the rumors were proved to be true as it was revealed that Final Fantasy XVI is in development for the PS5 and PC.

In a trailer shown at the PlayStation 5 showcase, we were given a first look at the game’s characters, overall tone, and combat. The combat is very action-focused and features a style that resembles the Devil May Cry series. The trailer was running on a PC that was set to emulate the experience on PS5 which is a clear sign that this game won’t be out for a while.

Pre-Order Madness

Following the PlayStation 5 Showcase, Sony announced that pre-orders for the console would start the next day at select retailers. This had many fans ready to camp in front of their phones and computers waiting on midnight to hit so that they could secure their pre-order. However, Walmart jumped the gun big time and began taking pre-orders for the PS5 almost immediately. Needless to say, they sold out quickly. Shortly after Walmart, nearly every major retailer began their pre-order campaigns with many of the consoles falling into the hands of scalpers. The PS5 is already going for over $1,000 on sites like eBay even though there will be enough consoles to go around at launch. Sony has since issued an apology on how things were handled and assured customers that there will be more pre-orders available in the coming days.

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