All Nukes Finally Disarmed in MGSV (on PS3) & 2020 Still Sucks

Not since the Grim Reaper was given total authority over 2016 has a year sucked as much as 2020. Sam and Dean can’t even save us because they are under quarantine too. Well, to add just a tiny ray of sunshine to your day, it seems that after 5 long years the Metal Gear community has disarmed every nuke in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain…for the PS3.

As most of us know, a special cutscene is the reward Hideo Kojima put into MGSV for essentially achieving world peace and disarming all nukes across the Mother Bases of all players. Now because most people today are assholes and trolls, the only way we knew this is because the cutscene was datamined. Many PS4 players went on record as saying the would never disarm and that we should “look on YouTube” if we wanted to see the cutscene. Like I said, assholes and trolls.

Well, according to YouTuber stefferp, this has finally been accomplished in the PS3 version of MGSV. I only own the PS4 version of the game so I have not been able to go in myself to verify. At any rate here is the cutscene for you to enjoy in all of it’s last-gen (soon to be ultra last-gen) glory.

Video courtesy of YouTuber stefferp, head over their channel and show some love

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