A Kojima Productions Employee Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Kojima Productions has issued a press release stating that one of their employees has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. According to the press release, the unamed employee has been home since March 20th and has not entered the office or had any physical contact with other employees since then. During this time the staff member was given a PCR test which came back positive for COVID-19 today.

Kojima Productions issued the following statement:

We are working closely with public health authorities and they have informed us that since this employee was not in the office at the time of symptoms onset, all other KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS employees are not considered “close contacts”, meaning that it is not mandatory to close the office.

However, we at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS have independently decided to enact the following precautions to safeguard the health and well-being of all our employees as well as the broader community.
• Temporarily close the office floor
• Sanitize all office facilities
• All working staff will now work remotely
• Supervise and support for the health condition of all staff”

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS will continue working closely with our public health authorities and enact
additional precautions as necessary to prevent further spread in any way possible.

We at PlayStation Haven wish for the speedy recovery of this staff member and to everyone dealing with this dumbass virus. Try to stay home and catch up on some games until things calm down a bit.

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