PlayStation 5 Specs Revealed!

Today, PlayStation’s official youtube revealed specs were revealed as well as the confirmation with PS4/PS4 Pro Backward Compatibility, Virtual Surround Audio through any audio system, and the importance of having an SSD. With a lecture hosted by Mark Cerny, this video stream was meant for GDC (Game Developers Conference) but was canceled due to recent world events.

PS5 will include an 8x Zen 2 Core at 3.5 GHz and a 10.28 Teraflop GPU. It will use an 825GB NVMe Solid State Drives which can be upgradable. Cerny remarks to wait until Sony certifies certain models. It will also include 16 GB/DDR6 RAM and support external Hard Drives for PS4 Games. Lastly, it will have a 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray Drive which was a selling point for the Xbox One S/X series of consoles.

A unique feature is the 3D Sound Capabilities, dubbed ‘The Tempest Engine’ which allows for virtualized positional sound on any audio system. It will use tech called HRTF (Head-related Transfer Function) which will adapt an audio profile depending on the user. It will take the load of the PS5 was it can focus more on graphics and other functions.
Finally, it will support Ray Tracing which allows for more realistic shadows reflections and can be used by developers in a variety of different ways.

PS1-3 Backward Compatibility is still up in the air with no confirmation at the moment.

PS5 is still on schedule for the holiday 2019 for now.

My take on this, objectively this was meant for GDC so it is very technical and now what people wanted. Hopefully, the world’s situation calms down so we can have some look at some exclusives.


You can view the spec sheet on this tweet sourced from EuroGamer:


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