Check Out The Fallout Nuka -World Welcome Kit

The celebrated Fallout franchise has left a terrible taste in the mouths of gamers recently after Fallout 76 but there’s no doubt that the franchise produces some great merch. Speaking of which, Merchoid has a new collection of Fallout merch in a nice new package called the Fallout Nuka -World Welcome Kit.

The full Welcome Kit contents are as follows;

  • Nuka World Theme Park Ticket
  • Nuka World Theme Park Guidebook 
  • Nuka World Map
  • VIP Lanyard & Pass for the Park.
  • Nuka World Park Mascots – Bottle & Cappy Pin Badge
  • Nukacade Token 
  • Nuka World Bottle Cap Collection (Containing 4 Bottle Caps)
  • 2 x Nuka World Tickets 
  • 1x Nuka-Cade ticket 
  • 1x Grandchester Mystery Museum ticket
  • Find the hidden Cappys Flyer 
  • Bottle & Cappy sticker
  • Nuka World coaster
  • A Cappy crazy straw 
  • Nuka-World postcard 

“Additionally, the box itself doubles up as a music box and lenticular screen, broadcasting directly from the main entrance of the park! One quick turn of the key will play the Nuka-World theme song, which is sure to entice some great memories of your visit!”

The Fallout Nuka -World Welcome Kit is scheduled to ship this September and can be preordered here:

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