Bayonetta/Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle – Review

Developer: Platinum Games/Armature Studio | Publisher:  Sega | Release Date: 02/18/2020 | Genre: Action | Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

A review copy of ‘Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle’ was provided by Sega

I am amazed that in a year that marks the end of the PS4’s lifecycle that the games that are generating the most buzz are remastered editions and remakes of classic titles. The latest in this trend are two of the best action games from the PS3 era from Platinum Games. The Bayonetta/Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle brings the original Bayonetta and the 3rd-person shooter Vanquish to the PS4 with the usual enhancements we have come to expect from our remasters. The port was handled by Armature Studio and ups the framerate to 60fps and includes 4K resolution on PS4 Pro.

If you’re a fan of these two games you know what to expect. If this is your first trip then here are the basics:


Bayonetta is a stylish action game from the brilliant mind that brought us Devil May Cry. It also plays in a similar fashion to DMC with melee and gun combat, levels that house secret mission areas and over the top banter and cutscenes with a crazy cast of enemies and supporting characters. One of the unique features of Bayonetta is that you play as a witch that goes to war against the mostly birdlike armies of Heaven. This game never gets old no matter how many times I have gone through it over the years.

Vanquish is also a stylish action game that takes place in a future where the military is outfitted with prototype Augmented Reaction Suits (ARS) that allow you to slide across the battlefield while blowing up everyone in sight with an arsenal of destructive weapons. Taking too much damage will put your suit into AR Mode which slows down time allowing you to get in some extra hits or take cover and recharge.

It is great to have both of these games on the PS4 but aside from the few technical enhancements, nothing else was added to the game. It would have been nice to see something new added if not to the game then to the overall package. It’s the 10th anniversary of these games and a little featurette with developer interviews and some behind the scenes footage etc. would have gone a long way to making this bundle feel more complete. I mean you get exactly what the title says and these games are still amazing to play after all of this time but the bundle is bare-bones, to say the least. That being said, for $39.99 I can’t recommend this enough especially to hardcore action fans but if you have played these games to death before you won’t find anything new here. With that being said seeing as both games hold up very well after all of this time I give it 9/10 but just dont expect anything other than the core games if you decide to pick this up.

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