Another FF7 Remake Key Art is revealed.

Square Enix’s FF7 Remake Twitter has released new key artwork for the remake of Final Fantasy VII. A week ago they released a trailer featuring FF7R’s theme song. In other recent news, the game has been delayed from March 3rd to April 10th. 

Fans requested a remake since a 2005 PS3 Tech was shown and the first PlayStation 3 Press Conference. The remake’s existence was rumored at E3 2015. Sony premiered it along with Shenmue 3 during their PlayStation conference that year with a standing ovation by fans and press alike. The game also was showed 2015’s PSX, but then went dark until 2017. It’s the first installment of a series of games that will most likely cross-generation to the PS5. 

FF7R swapped developers from Cyberconnect2 (Developers of Dot Hack) to inhouse. Fans worried about the development status of the game because of the lack of news. It then re-revealed itself with a teaser at Sony’s State of Play youtube showcase and then a full trailer/gameplay walkthrough at E3 last year. It was also playable at various tradeshows as well. The demo was leaked earlier this year and was delayed soon after.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 as opposed to Square’s Crystal Tools engine which was used for all three Final Fantasy XIII games and the MMO Final Fantasy XIV. It will have the choice of a turn-based or real-time battle systems. Segments that can be deemed controversial today such as the Honey Bee Inn have been retooled for today’s audience.

The game is directed by FF Veterans Testsuya Normua , Motomu Toriyama, and Naoki Hamaguchi. Tetsuya Nomura returns as character designer while Italian artist Roberto Ferrari acts as a secondary character designer. Yoshinori Kitase also returns as producer. The music will be done by Square Alumni Nobuo Uematsu, FFXIII composer Masashi Hamazu, and Mitsuto Suzuki who also worked on the FFXIII trilogy.

The key art displays the end of the highway after the end of the Midgar Segment of the original with all the characters (so far). The character designs have been faithful with some slight alterations. This art’s been released to hype up fans as it releases in two months. 

This game, Metal Gear Solid, and the first couple Doom games were the ones that got me seriously into video games, and hopefully, this first installment of the FF7 Remake series does the original justice. It’s off to a good start with impressive visuals, great fan reaction, and better communication than Square’s prior marketing with other games in their main catalog. (Square Enix western developers such as Eidos Montreal notwithstanding) FF7R also has the jump on the competition since a lot of key releases in the first quarter such as Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2 Dying Light 2 was delayed as well. Let’s hope they can knock it out the park for the end of the current generation and gives us a peek at the next.

For more information about FF7 Remake please click this link.

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