Knights and Bikes: Review in Progress

Knights and Bikes is shaping up to be a very welcome addition to the PS4 library. The full review should be done by the end of the day but I wanted to share some of my initial impressions with you.

  • surprisingly deep story with the tendency to get creepy while still retaining a lighthearted tone
  • combat is satisfying and fun with the potential to do combos while playing “co-op” with a friend
  • graphics and art style work together to carry the tone of the story along while also conveying a dark mood when it needs to
  • the introduction / first part of the game is the perfect setup, providing you with a decent amount of background without spoiling a lot and also presenting a lot of the mechanics and their potential upgrades

While the final review is being finished up, you can check out our recent interview with Foam Sword the developers of Knights and Bikes here: Knights and Bikes Developer Interview

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