Gamescom 2019: EA Officially Announces Need for Speed HEAT

The countdown has ended and the new Need for Speed game that was being teased has officially been announced. Ghost Games has revealed the new game to be Need for Speed Heat and they are calling it “the ultimate street racer versus cop fantasy.”

Need for Speed Heat takes place in Palm City, where by day racers can compete in a sanctioned competition known as the Speedhunters Showdown. The goal of these races is to win big money to customize and purchase vehicles. At night the racers compete in underground street races to earn Rep at the risk of losing everything to the cops patrolling the streets.

“We’re delivering more options than ever before for players to be unique and make themselves known,” said Riley Cooper, Creative Director at Ghost Games. “Our fans have been clear that they want more cars, more customisation, and more challenges, and we’re tuning up on every aspect. From your character’s style to your car’s performance and your driving style, we’re fuelling everyone’s creativity with this new game.”

Worldwide gameplay reveal will be August 19 at Gamescom Opening Night Live”

Need for Speed Heat launches November 8, 2019 with an early release date of November 5, 2019 with EA Access and Origin.

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