Paul Rudd Joins the Cast of Ghostbusters 3

Actor Paul Rudd / Variety

When you work the graveyard shift such as I do, you run the risk of sleeping all day and missing out on epic news stories. So let it be known that I don’t care that this news broke this morning. I don’t care if you’ve read it 1,000 times already because I am still going to say it anyway: PAUL RUDD IS IN GHOSTBUSTERS 3! Now that I’ve got that off of my chest…

The official Ghostbusters Twitter page posted a video earlier today confirming that Paul Rudd, who is now known to the kids as Antman, is joining the cast for the highly anticipated Ghostbusters sequel.

According to some published reports, Rudd is set to star as a teacher in the new film and I hope he will then be recruited as one of the new Ghostbusters that will be carrying on for the original squad.

The new film is slated for release on July 10, 2020. It is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 1 & 2 and will not draw from the 2016 reboot.

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