Sony Has Won E3 2019: The Boondocks Confirmed by Sony to Return with Series Creator

Sony may have pulled out of E3 this year but today’s announcement from their animation division is enough for me to declare them this year’s winner. @ me!!!

While The Boondocks began life as a comic strip, it was the animated series on Adult Swim that brought the Freeman family into the homes of millions. The series came to an end after a troubled and unfunny 4th season that did not involve series creator Aaron McGruder. The good news here is that after years of speculation and recent rumblings about the show returning, The Boondocks is returning in what is being called a “reimaging” of the series.

Sony Pictures Animation vice president Katie Baron describes the new Boondocks by saying: The Boondocks” chronicles the battles of the Freeman family against the evil local government tyrant Uncle Ruckus, who rules fictional Woodcrest County Maryland, with an iron fist.”

While that sounds amazing, it will be interesting to see if this era of everyone being hypersensitive to literally everything will have an impact on the edgy writing the series is known for. The fact that Aaron McGruder is back in the driver’s seat suggests that things will be back on course and that Trump will have a whole new list of angry Tweets for us when The Boondocks returns in 2020.

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