E3 2019: Bethesda Corrects One of the Biggest Problems with Fallout 76

Fallout 76 launched with more problems than one game should ever have been shipped with. One of these issues is something that was not bug or marketing related but was one of the core features of the game. It is actually what killed my interest in buying the game altogether. This issue is that every player you interact with is another player. No NPCs. This sounded like a great idea to the hundreds of cheering fans when it was announced but I immediately cancelled my preorder. I am fine with games taking a new direction from the norm. But to me not having quest giving NPCs in a game like Fallout kills any sense of connection I would have with the world. While the aspect of surviving together with others is still cool to me, none of the other human players are going to give you any kind of backstory about this new landscape.

Bethesda announced very early in their E3 Showcase that they are adding NPCs to the game this fall in a free update. This update also brings the dialogue trees we have come to expect from the franchise along with an all new storyline.

Howdy, Neighbor!
Wastelanders is a massive free annual update to Fallout 76 that fundamentally changes the Wasteland. One year after the opening of Vault 76, other humans have returned to Appalachia. Factions of Settlers and Raiders aim to make the world their own and claim a rumored fortune. Embark on a new main quest of choice and consequence, interact with characters and their unique stories, discover the faction settlements of Crater and Foundation, and collect powerful new weapons and armor. Your choices decide their fates. Coming Fall 2019.”

This update may be enough for me to give the game a try…maybe.

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