[REVIEW IN PROGRESS]American Fugitive

I was intrigued by American Fugitive because of how closely it resembles the original Grand Theft Auto series ( 1, 2 & London 1969) without being a simple clone. Even though I need a couple of more hours with the game before my final review, I have played it enough to share my initial impressions ahead of tomorrow’s full review.

American Fugitive takes place in the 80s where you take control of Will Riley who is framed and sentenced to prison. Will breaks out of prison and begins his quest to get revenge.

Like I stated previously, American Fugitive has a few things in common with the original GTA. It takes place from a top down perspective but with 3D graphics. It is an open world sandbox experience where you have the freedom to do what you want and of course there is car jacking. You can enter pretty much any building you see but the interiors are not fully fleshed out. Instead you will see an icon of yourself inside a sort of map of the place. You can move your icon from room to room and press the X button to search the place and loot whatever goodies you find. The pressure is on in these robbery scenarios as there is a countdown timer ticking once you enter and once it ends you will have an unfriendly encounter with the po-po. You have the choice to either end your home/store invasion early or deal with the cops once they arrive. Your crimes will earn you a star rating if observed and in GTA fashion, the cops will respond according to how many stars you have. Ditching the law is not too complicated in American Fugitive and the police were more of a minor inconvenience than a serious threat. You can throw them off your trail by having your vehicle resprayed but you can also change clothing to lose your wanted level by stopping at a clothing store, attacking a civilian and taking their gear or stealing a new outfit inside a home or a clothesline in a backyard.

My only issue with the game so far (and this is just my issue not a real issue with the game or its design) is the driving. It’s an issue for me only because I have not played a game from this perspective in many years so trying to outrun the law in a vehicle has resulted in many lost lives and shattered communities.

Regardless of my lack of driving skill I am having a lot of fun so far. Stay tuned for the full review including gameplay videos tomorrow.

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