PES League 2019 World Finals to be Held at Emirates Stadium

Konami has announced today that the PES League 2019 World Finals will be heading to London on June 28 – June 29. PES is one of the most recognizable Soccer/Football/Futbol games and it only seems right to hold the 2019 World Finals at Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal Football Club.

Photo courtesy of KONAMI

“We’re pleased to support KONAMI by hosting an event as esteemed as the PES League World Finals,” said Michael Leavey, Media, Marketing and CRM Director, Arsenal.

“Emirates Stadium is a befitting location for the world to witness these top caliber players as they engage in fierce competition to find out who is the best in the world.”

Competing for the single-player crown:






2 Brazil HenrykinhO
3 Germany S-Venom
4 Italy Ettorito97
5 Indonesia ZEUS_FAIDAN (rzkyfdnn)
6 Japan Mayageka
7 Hong Kong Verysutton (IMHKVS)
8 Hong Kong Kalok.c (ka_lok9177)
9 France USmakabyle
10 Portugal Christopher_PW
11 Brazil GuiFera99_SFC
12 Colombia LuKerZeven

CO-OP entrants are:

Qualifiers Country Team Name



Eligasul Stars
2 Spain + Italy Broken Silence
3 Indonesia WANI
4 Japan Beginners
5 France Quedesshlags
6 Brazil Tigers Esports #respect

The event will be streamed live via the following channels:




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