Anime Expo 2017: Violet Evergarden World Premiere

Reposted from the original article that was posted on July 3, 2017 and lost after the site migration

As a gal who for a long time couldn’t find an anime series she enjoyed, I’m glad I was able to catch the world premiere of Violet Evergarden.

It is the story of a girl, Violet who seems a bit out of touch with her feelings and humanity which seems to check quite a few boxes for me. I found her a bit relatable as someone who also struggles with connecting with others. Violet is a soldier in the Leidenschaftlich Army and is known on the battlefield as a weapon. She leaves war behind after an injury to begin a new job as an auto doll… (ladies who write letters to others for a living for others). 
It was said that she was some unfeeling killing machine but throughout the episode you can see sparks of humanity that I’m sure will continue to grow as the series progresses. I think anyone who has been through a traumatic life event can probably relate to some things about her. She’s placed with a loving family but doesn’t seem to quite fit into regular life which makes sense considering she’s never lived a normal life… probably cut off from her emotions to survive being a child soldier. She doesn’t seem be able to do very much on her own without being ordered to.

The episode itself was beautifully animated and featured some incredible voice acting. Since there’s not a lot of action there’s not a lot of yelling and the like which I can rock with. One line really got to me, about ” being on fire and realizing you have many burns” I’m sure I’ve butchered this but I think that’s something profound. Her lack of understanding of “I love you” that nearly brought me to tears. For someone who seems so cut off from herself she also seems to have a bit of insight as well, at least on where she may need to go. I’m looking forward to learning more about her, the dolls and their true purpose. Perhaps she will find the person she was meant to be through these writings. 

The premiere also featured a Q&A by Director Taichi Ishidate, Lead Voice Actress Yui Ishikawa, and a special performance by Opening Theme Singer TRUE

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