New Content Coming to Resident Evil 2 Next Month

New content coming to Resident Evil 2 still sounds weird to say in 2019 but here we are. According to the game’s official Twitter page, new content is coming and here is a breakdown of what it is.

First up are the RE2 retro costumes for both Leon and Claire that give them their 32bit look from the original Resident Evil 2. Originally only available in Japan, these skins will be free for everyone on 2/15.

Also available on 2/15 is the promised “The Ghost Survivors” update which will also be free to all Resident Evil 2 owners. This update is made up of what if style chapters that will put you in the shoes of some of Racoon City’s unfortunate citizens.

The timing of this content is great because it gives us just enough time to get through Kingdom Hearts 3 and jump back into the zombiefest.

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