Developers already have PlayStation 5 Devkits, insider says.

Next generation is slowly becoming the topic of interest now that 2019 is among us. With 2020 most likely being the year we see the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox, many begin to wonder when we’ll start hearing more details on the new devices. Despite Sony announcing back in October that the company was indeed working on the PlayStation 4’s successor, we’ve had little to no information come out regarding PS5. There has been a few rumors brought up since, but nothing that actually has any worthwhile information, which has lead people to believe that Sony simply has yet to actually start work on the system.

That was until we were given a little bit of a tease from credible sales insider, and admin of Resetera, ZhugeEX.


ZhugeEX had hinted at Sony announcing more exclusives for the PlayStation 4 months ago, but as of yesterday seems to be confident that the company is moving these projects over to the PlayStation 5. When asked whether or not he had anymore information regarding Sony’s next generation console, all he had left to say was:


Not exactly the exciting leaks the internet is waiting for, but it is something. ZhugeEX also stated at some point in the thread that we should start hearing some “whispers” about PlayStation 5 at GDC this year. While that isn’t entirely surprising, it does help our cravings for next generation news a tiny bit.

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