“PlayStation Hits” Are Coming To PS4


It took long enough but Sony has revealed today that PS4 games will now have a Greatest Hits discounted game lineup. Greatest Hits began on the original PlayStation and has been a part of every PlayStation console since. The PS4 iteration will be called PlayStation Hits and it will see a select number of big name titles drop to a reasonable $20 (new). While this does represent a great value to gamers at this point in the PS4’s life cycle, some of these games can be purchased used for cheaper. However if you prefer your games new like myself, PlayStation Hits makes since.

Uncharted 4/Naughty Dog

PlayStation Hits will be available at retail and digitally via the PlayStation Store. Physical copies will come in red packaging instead of the standard blue. Digital editions of PlayStation Hits will be shown with a red banner. PlayStation Hits will roll out on June 28, 2018. Now just add Grand Theft Auto V to the list. Seriously that game has been full price for more years than it deserves to be…

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