SonicWave GH337 Gaming Headset Review

AVerMedia SonicWave GH337 - 1

As gamers we all need a good headset. Whether it be to trash talk a camper online, pinpoint enemy locations or just to enjoy a game’s audio the way it was meant to be heard. The problem is that a good quality headset can be expensive and gaming is an expensive hobby all by itself. So I am going to look at a variety of headsets that are reasonably priced and see how they measure up. Today’s offering is the SonicWave GH337.

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first:

SonicWave GH337

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Audio with AVerMedia Sound Engine: Pinpoint your opponents and stay immersed in your surroundings
  • High Quality Audio Specs: Oversized 50mm neodymium drivers with 20–20K Hz response, 97±3 dB sensitivity (@ 1 kHz), 32 Ω impedance
  • Dual Microphone for Noise Reduction: Ignore ambient noise and hear your teammates clearly; omnidirectional pattern with ≤ 2200 Ω impedance and 38 ±3 dB sensitivity
  • Supports PC and Latest Consoles via USB 2.0 / 3.0: Including Xbox One™ X and PS4™ Pro
  • Full In-line Controls: Volume, microphone mute and LED on/off
  • Comfort and Flexibility: 370 g / 13.05 oz weight with 2.2 m / 7.2 ft cable to give you room to move
  • MSRP: $79.99

Most of these specs mean nothing to the average gamer that don’t want to shell out cash to find out if they sound good or not. So for this review I tested the SonicWave out on PS4 Pro with Resident Evil 7, God of War, Call of Duty WW2, Detroit: Become Human as well as a variety of movies and PC games.

The first thing I did was boot up the Sound Engine software and ran a few games on my laptop while I was on the go. The 7.1 effect was very impressive and Sound Engine allows you to tweak various settings and features an equalizer, voice processing, bass enhancers and much more. I am primarily a console gamer and on the occasion when I do use my desktop or laptop to play games, I don’t use any sound equipment except for earbuds when it’s late. That being said, Battlefield 1 on my laptop was an entirely new experience for me using the GH337. The bass from various explosions was satisfying and hearing what direction other players were flanking me from was so precise that I was able to suck at Battlefield 1 a lot less than I normally do. Voice chat was crystal clear and I asked a few random players online for feedback on how well they could hear me and it was universally positive. The GH337 is also very comfortable during long play sessions and unlike several other headsets that I have owned, the unit does not feel fragile and I have no fear other the band snapping after repeated use.

AVerMedia SonicWave GH337 - Connections 2
SonicWave GH337 Connections

The unit also has red lights on the side that can be turned on and of it that’s your thing and the mic lights up red when active and the light goes off when muted which is good for keeping your family convos off the internet. During the week I spent playing on PC and using the headset for things like Netflix and Spotify, I have almost no problem recommending the GH337 to every single gamer out there.


Like I said previously I am primarily a console gamer and since this is PlayStation Haven, the majority of my review time was spent on my PS4 Pro. I own/have owned PlayStation’s official (Silver, Gold, Platinum) headsets and I have always been a fan of them for their virtual surround sound features. So naturally I was very excited to compare how the GH337 stood up against the others in some of my favorite games. Now, here is the reason why it took me a little longer than I planned to finalize my review of the SonicWave GH337 Gaming Headset. After dozens of hours of play, I noticed that the sound quality was great but not as impressive as what I was getting from playing on my computer. My son joked that I was going quality deaf but I knew better. I realized that the 7.1 virtual surround sound effect is restricted only to PC via Sound Engine. I reached out the AVerMedia and confirmed that on console the headset only does stereo sound. The headset’s packaging does not do the best job of conveying that you will not get 7.1 on console. All of that aside, the performance on PS4 Pro was still solid with my only other complaint being that it only connects to the PS4 via USB. That means no option to plug into the controller which for my set up made me sit a lot closer to my TV than I would normally.

The SonicWave GH337 is a solid choice for gamers that want a good quality headset that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. If you play games on both console and PC, the GH337 is a great addition. Console only gamers that are looking for 7.1 as a reason to purchase would be better off looking at the PlayStation Silver, Gold and Platinum headsets.







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