The Council Episode 1: The Mad Ones Review

  •  Developer: Big Bad Wolf
  •  Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Date: March 13, 2018
  •  Reviewed on a PlayStation 4

If you’re looking for a game with endless possibilities, an amusing story line and an environment rich with detail, The Council hits all those marks. You play as Louis de Richet, a French aristocrat invited to a private island to investigate your mother’s disappearance. Not a lot is given about your past, but you can choose your class that defines your skills. You can choose from being a Diplomat that talks their way in and out of situations, an Occultist, having a vast knowledge of the science and the arts to schmooze your way through the other aristocrats in the game or a Detective in which you rely on your ability to notice details in your environment as well as interactions with other characters. You can further unlock skills by completing interactions successfully and leveling up.


The gameplay is just like any RPG, where you walk, explore by interacting with items, and people. I chose the Detective class (seeing as this is a murder/mystery-type game.) I found the character interactions were so in depth, from the way they hide their true feelings based on the tone in their voice to the micro-movements in their facial expressions. Items were easily noticed with this class and I was able to find a lot of helpful items.

What I really liked about The Council is it gives you the ability to choose how you could interact with an item which in theory would unlock different possibilities of gameplay. The same goes with character interactions, I explored this possibility towards the end of the first episode, which proved rewarding the second time around!


The artwork in the game also gave me a little art-history lesson, which I really enjoyed because it felt like going to a museum without having to leave my home! It makes me wonder if my interactions would be different if I chose the Occult class.

Overall, I would recommend this game to gamers who like a rich story-line. Paying close attention to character interactions will pay off in the long run, and a small detail missed could be detrimental. Having a little bit of cultural and historical competence can also help with some of the puzzle games, but not necessary as Louis can help you by choosing the right internal dialogue. Seeing the fictional storylines of important characters in history such as George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte was intriguing at first, but was barely explored in the first episode- I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go! I can’t wait for the next episode, and where they’re going to take the story. This is just the first part of a five part series, so I hope the hype of this game doesn’t die out before the next part comes out.






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