Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Developed by Accolade

Consoles: PS4


Greetings gamers! This time around, we’re taking a look at the latest release in the Bubsy series! Like the others in the series, this game features the semi-whimsical Bubsy, though this time around, he’s out for revenge; as one might expect when they’ve had clothes stolen by a bunch of bees.

Bubsy SS007.jpg

Like many retro games of yore, (Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot are the first examples that spring to mind) Bubsy is a semi-linear platformer with simple moves and simple objectives: keep moving forward while collecting objects (keys to open locks and balls of yarn which give points) and finding as many extra lives as you can (in the form of shirts), make sure to hit the checkpoints, make sure *not* to get hit by enemies, and find your way to the goal. Occasionally a boss appears, but other than that, there’s not much variance in the process. That said, there is a beauty in such simplicity.

Bubsy SS002

The game itself is well built; the graphics are smooth and the environments are colorful and never feel stale, and the music is lively enough to be interesting without getting distracting or too repetitive. Both player and enemy movement is smooth, and the controls are fairly sharp. While the overall difficulty of the game is by no means drastic, there is an apparent curve that increases, level by level, a new elements are slowly introduced. Fortunately, the tutorial level covers all of the basics you’ll need throughout the game, instead of slowly introducing them, level by level.

Bubsy SS005

All in all, while Bubsy isn’t exactly my personal cup of tea, it does make for a good game, and for those of you that enjoy retro-esque games, this is a masterpiece; each level has an abundance of yarn to find, and you can always replay levels to try to beat your previous time/score. With Bubsy’s occasional quips and comments, the game keeps things amusing, and the puns are a nice touch. That said, the game itself isn’t too long, and while I understand that it’s part of the formula, using the same set of mechanics stage after stage gets stale after a while. It’s a nice fun game, but ultimately nothing new or super impressive. Final Score: 7/10

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