Evil Shift eSports Controllers to Ship November 9th


After a successful showing during E3 2017, Evil Shift is ready to unleash their new Evil Controllers on the world.

“Everything we do maps back to our commitment to making the best possible products for the competitive gaming community,” said Adam Coe, founder and CEO of Evil Controllers. “We are launching the best controller available on the market today and anyone who competes using it will see instant improvement in gameplay.”

More on the Evil Shift Controllers:

  • Gameplay is instantly improved with multiple paddles stationed at the back, so every finger is utilized; gamers can play continuously by shifting finger positions to ensure comfort and alleviate fatigue.
  • Paddles have “instant touch technology,” that can be pressed, tapped or shifted with desired force for an immediately noticeable difference in gameplay.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic paddle placement eliminates accidental button presses, while retaining a sleek and comfortable grip.
  • Comprised of switches that can take millions of button pushes, the Evil Shift lasts longer than any other controller on the market.
  • Paddles are remappable on the fly, without interrupting gameplay; unlike other esports controllers, no tools or apps are necessary to remap paddles.

The controllers are available for presale now @ http://www.evilcontrollers.com/ for an MSRP of $169.99 and are set to ship November 9th.


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