Super Combo Man: Smash Edition

  • Publisher: Flashman Games
  • Developer: Interabang Entertainment
  • Release Date: September, 2017

Greetings fellow combo-ers! Today we’re taking a look at Super Combo Man: Smash Edition for the PS4. I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical at first…but it grew on me. While it starts off seeming very basic, the games gets more technical the more you get into it. And, unlike most combo-based beat-’em-up games, there’s much more to SCM than button mashing.


The game stars a young man named Struggles (very aptly named) and his….struggles…to secure employment and make a ton of money in order to pay his bills and look after his family. Fortunately, there’s a construction company nearby looking for new recruits. Unfortunately, there’s only so many openings and Struggles is the last to arrive. And so, the game begins (I think you can guess what happens next).


The basic controls are rather simple. You have your standard moving around, jump controls, and light and heavy attacks. Where this game starts to stand apart from the other basic smash games out there are the special combos you can unlock, as well as the perk system, which gives you a range of special abilities depending on how high your combo streak is.


It is worth noting that this release of the game is in fact an updated version of the original, with updated graphics and much smoother controls. That said, at it’s heart, it’s very much the same game with the same endearing qualities; a nice fun story, good music, and an only partially ridiculous hero, pursuing his dreams and following in the footsteps of his heroes. And while it may at times be repetitive, replaying the same level multiple times either to farm for gold or collect the hidden stickers in each level, there’s enough customization and variation between levels that it doesn’t have to feel like a complete grind. All in all, I had a lot of fun with it, and it was honestly a nice break away from the gritty hyper-realistic games that have been coming out lately. All in all, as a game that stands out as a splash of color in an otherwise bland and repetitive genre, I think it deserves a solid 8/10.

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