L.A. Noire is Coming to PS4 in November


Rockstar Games announced this morning that they will be releasing a remastered edition of L.A. Noire for the current generation of consoles on November 14, 2017. The original game saw a release on PS3 and Xbox 360 and will receive a visual upgrade similar to what the company did for the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Visual Enhancements:

  • Enhanced lighting and clouds
  • New cinematic camera angles
  • High resolution textures and more
  • Plays natively in 1080p for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles,
  • Stunning 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X

The game, which stars damn near the entire cast of Mad Men, will also include all of the DLC from the original release.

I loved the way L.A. Noire captured the look and feel of Los Angeles. As a resident of the city, I enjoyed seeing the differences and similarities in the way the city looked and behaved in the 1940’s versus today so I look forward to seeing how the game plays on the PS4 Pro.

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