Merchoid Announces PS1 & PS2 Themed Hoodies

Merchoid, which is paradise for gaming, movie and comic themed merch, announced this morning that they will be releasing two hoodies based on the PlayStation 1 and 2

The new hoodies are officially licensed and feature design elements from the consoles themselves such as the PS1 disc tray and the Dualshock buttons.

“As soon as you see the PlayStation logo, you hear the very distinctive load up tune.” said Merchoid’s community manager, Jessica Adams. “Whether your fondest memories are warping through time with Crash Bandicoot, saving the world in Final Fantasy or getting hot under the collar with up with Spyro the Dragon, the PlayStation opened up a world of never before seen 3D gaming. These hoodies are an affectionate nod to these original console powerhouses”

The hoodies will be available this November and are up for preorder now @

I may have to snatch up that PS2 hoodie myself…

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