Update 5.00 is Kind of….Meh

Updates on the PS4 happen all the time but most of them are just to improve stability and performance. Much like past updates on the PS3, the main numbered updates bring new and exciting features to the console and are the ones that we all look forward to. With the upcoming 5.00 update many PS4 fans have been hoping for the next big feature (with many clamoring for the ability to change their PSN ID) but if the current reports from those in the beta are any indication, they may need to wait for 5.50. Keep in mind that the features coming are cool (no haters here) we were just hoping for something much bigger.

The biggest feature of 5.00 is Family Management. With it, players can add other users to their “Family” and share things like online services. The head of the family can then restrict a child’s access to certain features like PlayStation Store purchases and M rated games for example. This is pretty much a fancier way to do things that can already be done on the PS4 as is. The person setting up the Family will also be charged 50 cents to do so if you live in the US or Canada to prove you are an adult.

Some other features are:

  • The ability to stream at 1080p 60fps with Twitch (cool)
  • Custom lists for to better organize friends (meh)
  • The ability to see spectator comments while streaming using the PSVR (finally)
  • View Notifications in the quick menu (meh)
  • The ability send music in messages (meh)
  • Notification pop-up window color can be changed (…ok kind of cool)

There are a few more additions and we are sure there will be even more things added to the final update when it is released. As it is, we just don’t see very much to look forward to with this one compared to previous updates.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming features? Are you satisfied or are there things you were hoping for that still haven’t arrived?

Leave a comment and let us know.


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