Review: BlackHole Complete Edition

  • Developed by Fiolasoft
  • Published by C1 Company
  • Console: XB1, PS4, PC

Reviewed on a standard PS4

Greetings gamers! Today, we take a look into space! Or, to be precise, Black Holes. Well. A black hole. Sort of.  For those of you that read the names of these reviews before the actual content, this game in particular is called Black Hole, and while that may conjure images of something featuring action, adventure, and all sorts of space-y with ships and combat and aliens and the like, the reality is quite different, in a refreshingly pleasant way.


Black Hole (BH from here on out, because I’m a bit of a lazy writer) is much more of a puzzle/exploration game than anything else, and honestly, it’s unlike any puzzle game that I’ve played recently. The premise of the game is seemingly rather simple, though spoilers potentially abound so I’ll keep my descriptions as descriptive as I can without ruining anything. While on a mission to close the last remaining black hole, something goes wrong. After a comedic, if not bizarre series of events, you  find yourself  crashed  on a planet, of sorts, with a wrecked ship. All hope is not lost however, as on this planet(?) there exist mini “portals” which contain….Nanobots! Nanobots that have the capability to restore/rebuild things! As some of you may have already guessed, the goal of the game the becomes finding these portals, entering them, and collecting the nanobots inside of them using an array of altered physics and techniques.


As fun and amusing as this game is, and it certainly has a fair share of dark humor (I’m very much reminded of GLaDOS) it’s not quite perfect either. Many of the puzzles are frustratingly complicated, to the point where it’s often times easier to get the bare minimum amount of nanobots required to unlock access to the next level then to spend hours trapped on the same puzzle. This is compounded by the fact that fairly early on in the game, puzzles introduce a death mechanic. And while you don’t have lives and won’t actually die, it *will* completely reset the puzzle without saving any of the nanobots you managed to claim. This too is compounded by the fact that many of the puzzles require precision of the highest degree whether it’s knowing exactly how long to press a button for a jump to not go either too high or low, or having to aim your fall precisely between two pillars of lava, and hoping you don’t move slightly further than you mean to.


The soundtrack is nice, and doesn’t detract from the experience, and the visuals are well done. There’s also a fairly large amount of content as well as multiple dlc chapters.

All in all, this game is fun, humorous, and will test both your patience, your puzzle-solving skills, and your persistence.

Final Score: 8/10

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