Light Tracer is Coming to PlayStation VR Next Month

Light Tracer Logo.png

Oasis Games has announced that they are releasing their new title Light Tracer for the PSVR in the West and you will not have to wait long to get your hands on it.Light Tracer is a puzzler-platformer where a princess must climb to the top of a massive tower in order to save her people. It will be your job to guide the princess along the way using your godlike powers and a Light Staff to create a safe path for her to travel.


Light Tracer brings a new style of platform game to PSVR players, offering a journey of challenging puzzles, colossal heights and artistic visuals,” said Alen Wu, Business Director at Oasis Games. “You’ll need both hands to save the Princess: one to guide her using your Light Staff and the other to spin and manipulate the mysterious tower to open a path to save her people from a tragic fate.”


  • A New Kind of VR Puzzle Platformer: Guide the Princess through platform-style challenges with jumps, enemies and precise timing requirements while manipulating the world and solving clever puzzles that depend on your point of view—literally!
  • The Powers of a God: Wield your powerful Light Staff in one hand while interacting with the world with the other to open a path upward
  • Enchanting Graphics: A compelling, almost toy-like world comes to life as you ascend the giant tower and interact with the Princess
  • Eight Unique Worlds: From Gravity World to Ice World to Mechanica World, each chapter offers new puzzles and challenges
  • A View to a Thrill: Grab and spin the tower for fresh perspectives that may unveil the answer to the riddles in front of you
  • Battle with Bosses: Each chapter ends with a unique boss fight where you must use both strategy and quick reflexes to overcome opponents like a rock giant or a sinister snowman

Light Tracer will be available digitally via PSN in September.

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