Tokyo Game Show: “Sense of Wonder Night 2017”

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., the organizers of Tokyo Game Show, have now begun accepting applications for this year’s  Indie Game Area (type A) and Sense of Wonder Night 2017 (SOWN 2017).


This morning, it has been confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia will once again be a sponsor for both Indie Game Area and Sense of Wonder Night 2017. As a result of Sony’s sponsorship, those that apply and are chosen to exhibit will have their exhibition and booth fees waived. I’d say that going from the 99,900 yen fee to free is a good deal for those indie developers looking to get their games in the hands of TGS attendees this year.

More details on how to apply and the requirements can be found by visiting the Tokyo Game Show website here:

Tokyo Game Show 2017 will run from September 21-24.

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