Persona 5 Classroom Cheat Sheet: All of the Answers


Persona 5 is about more than exploring dungeons and slaying monsters. You are a teenager living a somewhat normal teenage life and that includes attending high school. While in class you will be sometimes called upon to answer questions and let us face facts: we are all not the best students. So here are all of the answers to all of the questions you will come across while in school in Persona 5.

Date/Subject Answer Additional Answer
4/23 Singing
4/25 Knowing your actions are wrong. Convictions that you’re right
4/27 Four
4/30 Wonder/Kid A prodigy
5/7 Femme fatale
5/10 Minamoto no Yoshitsune
 Testing: 5/11-5/14
5/11-Biology An optical illusion
 Biology Visual Information/Brain They have different cognitions
5/12: History Magistrate’s patronage
English The name of a sum of currency
5/13: Social Studies Ignorance
Math Four
5/16 Van Gogh
5/21 The silver ratio
5/23 “Together” and “senses.”
5/26 Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar
5/30 William Kidd
6/4 They were brightly colored
6/7 Hermit Crab
6/8 Dreams
6/11 Three Olympic-sized pools
6/13 The government
6/15 It’ll change color
6/23 Pope Joan
6/27 Heavy rain
6/29 Gold
7/1 Baozi
Someone pretentious said so
7/7 Soumen
7/8 They have the same flavor
7/9 180 degrees
7/11 Luciferin
7/12 Ishikawa Goemon
 Final 1:  7/13-7/16
7/13: Japanese Nouveau riche
History Gentleman-thief/Toyotomi Hideyoshi He was boiled alive
7/14: Biology It’s not related to crabs
Social Studies Television
7/15: Math B4-sized paper
English “Together” and “senses.”
9/3 Nothing
9/6 Chronostasis
9/14 The 19th century
9/17 A cat
9/21 Czechoslovakia
9/24 It shows up well on TV
9/28 Phantom/Vibration Syndrome
Fishermen of the Nagaragawa
Three watermelons in the sun
10/6 A guillotine
10/11 A
 Testing 2: 10/17-10/20
10/17: History Name of the one who proposed it
History A doctor  It could execute people quickly
10/18: Math It has thirty-two faces
Japanese Slave labor
10/19: English Phantom Vibration Syndrome
Social Studies The Imperial Household Agency
10/22 5
10/24 It’s meaningless
11/2 Thieves’ Cant
11/4 The Holy Grail
11/8 Zero
11/10 An eye
11/12 It’s heavily processed
11/15 They put makeup on him
11/17 B
11/18 The summit of Mt. Fuji
 Final 2: 12/20-12/23
12/20: Math D
Biology Not their real voice/They speak the same  Supplement the voice
12/21: English Hearts
Japanese It includes a number
12/22 Social Studies Japan
History Dreadnought

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