Rumor: Call of Duty WWII Leaked

Leaked image of Call of Duty WWII/TheFamilyVideoGamers

In what has gone from a trend to a norm in the game industry, it seems that yet another video game title, this time the next Call of Duty, has been leaked.

This time some promo materials allegedly showing what will be the 2017 entry in the Call of Duty franchise has turned up online courtesy of the Youtube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers. If the image is real than the next COD will be going back to WWII which has been rumored for some time. Fans grew tired of the shooter’s WWII setting which prompted the series to move into the present with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Since then the franchise has moved further and further into the future ultimately going into outer space with 2016’s Infinite Warfare. Fans decided that they wanted the franchise to go back to its roots in a similar way that the Battlefield series did with Battlefield 1.

While Call of Duty WWII should be considered a rumor for now, recent leaks similar to this have pretty much all been proven true for the most part. Activision and Sledgehammer will most likely be revealing their new Call of Duty title some time in the coming weeks.

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