Review in Progress: Horizion Zero Dawn


Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally here and it is amazing. I did not get a review copy of the game so I am playing the Digital Deluxe Edition that went live at 9 p.m. last night. Since then I have only logged in a good six hours or so of game play and while that is not nearly enough to fully review the game, I can say that I continue to be amazed every minute I play.

Right off the bat Horizon: Zero Dawn is simply one one of the best looking and most detailed games ever. I am playing on a 60 inch 4K television (no HDR I’m afraid) and running the game on a PS4 Pro. On the PS4 Pro the game offers two graphics settings. One in 2160 checkerboard resolution at a lower frame rate and one that offers a higher frame rate with lower resolution. I chose to roll with the first option and even with the increased visuals I have not had an issue with frame rate so far.

So as I get deeper into Horizon I will post more of my impressions here until the final review so stay tuned for more updates starting later tonight.

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