Zen Pinball 2: Bethesda Pack


  •     Publisher: Zen Studios
  •     Developer: Zen Studios
  •     Release Date: December, 7th 2016
  •     PlayStation 4 /PlayStation 3/PS Vita Digital
  •     Multiplayer: Yes 2-4 Local and Network Play

Zen Studios is at it again, this time with a set of tables sure to please fans of many genres; The Bethesda Pack. This time though, the tables are filled with almost as much action, missions, and customization as the games they’re taken from!


First in this pack of epics is Bethesda’s hellish masterpiece, DOOM. The board features evil forces from hell, armor and gun upgrades, and several missions, all designed to test your limits until you ultimately face off with the biggest bad, the Cyber Demon. But don’t worry; between the multiple weapons you can wield and the recurring power-ups, evil forces won’t stand a chance.


Next up is a blast from console’s past: Skyrim. This table boasts a highly customizable character, with just as many perks as you’d expect from a game in the Elder Scrolls series. Bonuses let you choose how you fight (weapons vs magic) as well as armor, potions, and of course, shouts.


And last but certainly not least, it’s not a true Bethesda set without the ever-popular blast from the alternate-past, Fallout 4. While your companion is randomly generated at the start of your adventure, you’re given a handful of skill points to distribute as you see fit, as well as which factions you choose to work with during your adventure.

All in all, whether you’re a hardcore Bethesda fan, Zen Pinball junkie, or both, this set is sure to delight you and keep you enthralled for hours. Overall score: 9/10

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