The Little Acre


  • Title: The Little Acre
  • Publisher: Curve Digital
  • Platform: PS4
  • Release Date: 12/13/2016


With all of the new flashy and control heavy games out today, and entire genres based on figuring out precise button combos timed perfectly, there’s something to be said about point and click games, and the rustic, charming simplicity they provide. And The Little Acre is certainly charming in a way that few games are these days.


The key to this charm lies predominantly in its simplistic animation and fanciful soundtrack,. though the characters themselves, both main protagonists and others introduced through the course of the story, each have their own  mostly-endearing quirks.


The game itself, like most point and click games, is fairly simple. It begins with what passes for a very light tutorial, before jumping into puzzles that slowly increase in complexity, and for better or for worse the game never becomes too difficult, as hints and tips are only a few screen clicks away.


Despite all its charm however, The Little Acre is far from perfect; all the controls and movements are set to a fixed speed, and many portions of the game feel sluggish simply due to how long it takes to move from one side of the screen to another.Additionally, a lot of the dialogue is keyed to trying to use items, which means if you mistakenly try to put an item where it shouldn’t go, or if you happen to be just slightly off with your targeting, you’ll hear the same drawn out line multiple times.


All things considered, The Little Acre was entertaining, and I enjoyed the narrative it told. More often than not, I found myself amused by the scenarios that played out, and I had a good time playing it overall. Final Score: 7/10


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