Persona 5 Delayed…New Features and Freebies Revealed

During my recent trip to Japan for TGS, Persona 5 was released. I struggled with the idea of buying it then and there but since my Japanese is limited and the game had no English subtitles, I decided to just wait it out for the North American release. Sigh.

Atlus has decided to include a Japanese voice option for Persona 5‘s release in the West which is a feature I am sure many fans will appreciate having. It will be available as a free download at launch. The downside to this is that the launch of Persona 5 has now been pushed back to April 4, 2017. The delay will allow the development team more time to focus on localization and even go back in and record voice over for previously unvoiced lines from the original release.

Still waiting…

The news isn’t all bad as Atlus has confirmed that P5 will be playable at next month’s PlayStation Experience. There is also a Ryuji Sakamoto dynamic theme and avatar bundle available for free in the PlayStation Store. The bundle is quoted as being free for “the next 24 hours or so” and will be available again at launch for a price. You can access the bundle here: Free Persona 5 Theme and Avatar Bundle

While the wait for P5 may continue to be unbearable for fans but…I got nothing. I think I will import a copy to tide myself over until the game’s new April 2017 release date.


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