Super Dungeon Bros.

  • Title: Super Dungeon Bros.
  • Publisher: Wired Production
  • Platform: PS4
  • Release Date: 11/01/2016



I’d like to start this review off by saying that I’m a strong believer of not judging a game by its promo art. That said, promo art exists for a reason, and sometimes, for better or for worse, what you see is exactly what you get. This holds especially true for Super Dungeon Bros. SDB is, in essence a multiplayer dungeon crawler. It can be played solo, but at your own peril; there are countless enemies and the process of taking them all on by one’s self is exhausting and not particularly rewarding. SDB itself is very reminiscent of the Gauntlet series, though with very noticeable differences, namely the cartoon-ish feel of the graphics and the overtly “Bro” theme prominently featured at every turn.


Overall, the game plays fairly smoothly, and the control mechanics themselves don’t leave much to be desired. The actual gameplay however is a slightly different story. Despite boasting procedurally generated level designs, I felt as if I were playing the same levels over and over again, with the same pieces just being plopped down in a slightly different order, with varying degrees of success. The random nature of these generated levels sometimes meant that certain traps would knock you into a chain of other traps, so that a single poorly timed step (or, if you happen to be knocked back by an enemy’s arrow from afar) could end up costing you an entire life bar. Additionally, the progression of the enemies felt as if they vastly grew from level to level, while the player characters growth was minimal at best. And while this is slightly balanced when playing with a full party, when playing solo it leads to a rather short run.


While SDB is certainly charming at first, if not a tiny bit campy, for those that enjoy this particular brand of humor it’s sure to be entertaining for quite some time. And while I personally tired of the banter fairly early on, the truth is that it’s well done, in its own way. And sure, there’s a few bugs left to iron out, but overall the game is fun and distracting, and as a dungeon crawler, there’s really nothing more to be expected than that.

Final Score: 7/10


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