Loading Human: Chapter 1 Review

  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Developer: Untold Games
  • Platform: PlayStation VR
  • Release Date: 10/13/16


My mad quest to play through every single launch title for the PlayStation VR continues. This time around is Loading Human: Chapter 1. Loading Human is a tale of Prometheus, a man preparing to take a journey through space to recover an item that may save his dying father’s life. Prometheus has just two years to prepare himself both physically and mentally for a trip that will take him further into space than any other human has ever gone.

Loading Human - Chapter 1_20161027235437
Loading Human:Chapter 1 delivers a wonderful setting

During his preparation, Prometheus will prepare for the mission in his father’s North Pole base. While on the base you will have plenty to interact with in the world to help get the hang of navigating in VR. I will admit that it took me roughly half of my first playthrough to get the hang of walking around in the world by using two PlayStation Move controllers. It has a sort of point and click feel to it. Once you can make your way around the base it becomes very cool to walk around and genuinely feel like you are in the game. However no matter how accustomed you get to the controls, actual point to point movement never ends up feeling completely natural. A simpler control method may be key to allowing player to jump in to the upcoming chapters a bit more easily.

Loading Human - Chapter 1_20161025212847
“Grrrrr Arghhhh”

Loading Human’s adventure will have you completing various tasks ranging from simple everyday tasks such as shaving to training for your upcoming missions in a VR simulation. Everything you do is relative to the portion of the game you are in and you won’t find yourself doing the same stuff multiple times. Pressing one of the face buttons on the controller will allow you to hear your thoughts which can come in handy if you find yourself wondering what to do next.

Loading Human - Chapter 1_20161025194256
Your father has seen much, MUCH better days

The game’s narrative is quite interesting for this introductory chapter. During the course of the game you will form a bond with Alice who can react to you differently depending on how you respond to her in key situations. The dialogue between Prometheus and is dying father (Dorian) is presented really well as he can appear in different parts of the base as a hologram to communicate. While Dorian’s condition does limit the amount of interaction you can have with him, it does not take away from the sense of urgency he has as he spends any moment he can preparing his son for his journey.

Loading Human - Chapter 1_20161027203440
Does that duck hold a secret that will unlock even more mysteries involving our heroes? No.

Loading Human’s first chapter ends at a good point in the story that left me eager to see what happens next. The game ran me just over 4 hours for my first playthrough which is a little longer than most PSVR titles. However this first chapter is $39.99 which leads me to wonder what the cost of the upcoming chapters will be. Loading Human Chapter 1 isn’t a moon landing leap for adventure games in VR but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Final Score: 7.5/10


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