Good News: Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold

FINALLY!!! After 10 years in development (I mean that literally boys and girls) Final Fantasy XV is finished and will be in our homes on November 29th. To celebrate, Square Enix has released a new trailer called Final Fantasy XV: Omen made by the same talent behind Kingsglaive.

Final Fantasy XV: Omen

Square Enix also released new details regarding the game’s season pass which will cost $24.99. The season pass will first deliver three new episodes that take place during the events of the main game and will focus on Noctis’ companions.

Each of the three episodes (Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto) will contain new areas, monsters and monsters as well as weapons that can be use in the main quest. The next piece of DLC will be Comrades and will bring 4 player online co-op to Final Fantasy XV. All of the mentioned DLC can also be purchased individually without the season pass.

Haruyoshi Sawatari (Producer, Business Division 2) had this to say about the upcoming content:

“Last year I travelled around the world and attended many game events. I felt an amazing passion and sense of expectation towards FINAL FANTASY XV from series fans everywhere,” said Sawatari. “From seeing that I really wanted to make it so that the fans could enjoy the game for longer and evolve and expand it even further. I will take these feelings and give them form, to deliver an amazing experience.”

I certainly hope that Final Fantasy XV delivers because 10 years of waiting has built up what could be some very unrealistic expectations in the minds of a lot of fans out there. We will all find out in a few short weeks when the game launches on PS4 November 29, 2016.


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