Oasis Games Announces Their PlayStation VR Launch Line Up

Oasis Games has announced several titles that will accompany the launch of the upcoming PlayStation VR. One of the titles, Ace Banana, will be available on the PS VR‘s launch date October 13 while the other titles will be released in the weeks following the launch.

Here is the full line-up with trailers:

Ace Banana (October 13, 2016)

In Ace Banana, you play as a Banana Archer tasked with protecting your stash of the yellow fruits from a horde of monkeys.

Pixel Gear (October 20, 2016)

Pixel Gear is a shooter set in a 3D, pixel-style, fantasy world. The game pits you against a variety of enemy types such as ghosts and dragons.

Weeping Doll (October 27, 2016)

The doll of a tortured girl takes revenge on the girl’s parents in Weeping Doll, a 1st person, story driven adventure game.

DYING: Reborn (January 2017)

Fans of Escape Rooms or those too chicken to try one in real life now have DYING: Reborn.

Mixip (TBA)

Mixip is an arcade style space shooter that is unique in the fact that you control two spaceships at once. Each ship is controlled with a PlayStation Move controller, one in each hand. Players can also merge the two ships Galaga style to do even more damage.

Stay tuned for more on these and other VR titles when PlayStation VR launches early next month.




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