Killing Floor 2: PS4 Pro Enhancements and Gamestop Exclusivity

The PS4 Pro announcement yesterday featured some video showing off some of the graphical enhancements of Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2. Today the developer stated that the game will ship with PS4 Pro support right out the box to include “sharper and crisper textures, and overall increased fidelity.” A new merchandising partnership was also announced as the retail versions of Killing Floor 2 (both PS4 and PS4 Pro) will be sold exclusively at Gamestop.


”Partnering with companies like Tripwire and Deep Silver allows us to leverage our position as largest video game retailer in the world to deliver better experiences and opportunities to all gamers,” said Eric Bright, senior director of merchandising at GameStop. “Killing Floor 2 is a great example of how we can take AAA products and bring them to brand new audiences.”

Killing Floor 2 will be released on November 18, 2016 for $39.99.



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