No Man’s Sky: Sony is Issuing Refunds

No Man’s Sky delivered on many of its promises. The game has a seemingly endless number of planets to discover and explore. Many early adopters however were struck with buyers remorse as they noticed the game was quite different at retail than what was shown to them. That coupled with numerous and sometimes game breaking glitches have prompted many retailers to issue refunds to disappointed customers.

Video by Harbinger

Sony has decided to amend its “all sales are final” policy to issue refunds to players that have downloaded No Man’s Sky via PSN. There is no telling how long this will continue and the refunds are being issued regardless of how long the game has been played. I tested this out myself as my copy of the game now crashes every single time I attempt warp from the solar system I am currently in. Refunds can be resolved instantly through a live chat with customer service.

Is No Man’s Sky everything you wanted it to be or are you suffering from buyers remorse? Leave us a comment and let us know.




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